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Diamond Ice Block Cube Tray Mold by Kitchen Kult - 27 Slots
Kitchen Kult - Bling Blocks There's no such thing as 'plonk' when these little diamond beauties a..
Ex Tax: R169.57
Rose Gold Stainless Steel Cutlery Set by Kitchen Kult - 4 Pieces
Kitchen Kult - Gold Rush   "Whoever holds the (rose) gold, makes the rules."   ..
Ex Tax: R256.52
Skull Whiskey Tumbler / Espresso Glass by Kitchen Kult - 150ml
Kitchen Kult - The Heady Tipple   This fascinating and macabre glass is perfect for whi..
Ex Tax: R195.65
Round Sphere & Giant Cube Ice Tray Molds COMBO by Kitchen Kult - 2 Trays, 8 Slots in Total
Ex Tax: R216.52